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Art Through Ages – Words Art Historian Use Part 3

Foreshortening Artists also represent single figures in space in varying ways. When the Flemish artist Peter PaulrubenS (1577–1640) painted Lion Hunt (fig. 1), he used foreshortening for all the hunters and animals—that is, he represented their bodies at angles to the picture plane. When in life one views a figure at an angle, the body appears […]

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Art Through Ages – The Words Art Historians Use Part 1

As in all fields of study, art history has its own specialized vocabulary consisting of hundreds of words, but certain basic terms are indispensable for describing artworks and buildings of any time and place. They make up the essential vocabulary of formal analysis, the visual analysis of artistic form. definitions and discussions of the most […]

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Art Through Ages – what is its subject?

Another major concern of art historians is, of course, subject matter. Some artworks, such as modern abstract paintings (Fig 1) , have no subject, understanding of the work. Art historians traditionally separate pictorial subjects into various categories, such as religious, historical, mythological, genre (daily life), portraiture, landscape (a depiction of a place), still life (an […]

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Art through Ages – Art style

Defining artistic style is one of the key elements of art historical inquiry, although the analysis of artworks solely in terms of style no longer dominates the field the way it once did. Art historians speak of several different kinds of artistic styles. Period style refers to the characteristic artistic manner of a specific time, usually […]

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History of Sound Effects (SFX) in Animation

Sound effects (SFX) are subdivided into a variety of elements (units), including hard effects, soft effects, Foley, and ambience. Hard effects are narrative sounds that are synced to on-screen objects or actions. They can be further broken down into editorial and designed effects. Editorial effects are literal sounds added to on-screen events such as doors […]

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Art Through Ages – Art History In The 21st Century

Art historians study the visual and tangible objects humans make and the structures humans build. Beginning with the earliest Greco-Roman art critics on, scholars have studied objects their makers consciously manufactured as “art” and to which the artists assigned formal titles. But today’s art historians also study a multitude of objects their creators and owners […]

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