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Facts about Chennai

1. The present Chennai was a center of various rulers from the 1st century. Dynasties like the Pallava, the Chola, the Pandya, and Vijaynagar the ruled over Chennai. Mylapore was a major port of the Pallava. In 1522, the Portugese built a port called Sao Tome. It was named after the Christian leader of reforms, […]

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Elihu Yale –The Governor of Madras

Elihu Yale was born on April 5, 1649, at Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America. Yale had many roles as an English merchant, official of the East India Company, and benefactor of Yale University. Although born in Massachusetts, Yale was taken to England by his family at the age of three, and he never returned […]

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Federal system of Government

Governments are classified into unitary and federal on the basis of the nature of relations between the national government and the regional governments. By definition, a unitary government is one in which all the powers are vested in the national government and the regional governments, if at all exist, derive their authority from the national […]

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Brief history of Photography

A technological device of immense consequence for the modern experience was invented shortly before the mid- 19th century: the camera, with its attendant art of photography. From the time Frenchman Louis-Jacques-mandé Daguerre (1789–1851) and Briton William Henry Fox Talbot (1800–1877) announced the first practical photographic processes in 1839, people have celebrated photography’s ability to make […]

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