Types of Tourism – 4

On the basis of mode of travel tourism can be classified as:
Road transport is an indispensable mode of travel, whether be the scale of development in other modes of transport. Both as a prime and an adjust mode road transport plays a vital role in tourism. With Air-conditioned luxury coaches/cabs, road tourism is a growing segment of tourism. Roads take the tourists through the country-side and that a wholesome experience of travel is gained. National permit system, flexibility, inexpensiveness, etc have made road tourism more popular.

Railways do not compete with roadways in catering to tourist, speed, comfort, and convenience have made trains a desirable mode for long distance travels. Besides certain innovating schemes such as Indrail passes on wheels, standard circular travel routes etc. of Indian Railways have contributed to growth in rail tourism in country.

Airways are the prominent mode used by tourists to reach India.Over 95% come and fly back by Air. Within this country the Indian Airlines and Vayudoot services have contributed to tourism growth, particularly air tourism. Now that air-taxi services, charter flights etc. are permitted air tourism will pick –up. Foreign tourists, the affluent domestic tourist and business tourists practice air tourism.

Inland and ocean waterways attract tourists who are tired of the surface transport modes. Now hovercrafts and hydrofoils have been developed and that speed is not a limitation. Hence water or aqua tourism, with our long coastal lines dotted with ports, can be promoted.
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