Types of Tourism – 5

From social points of view tourism is classified as:
Social tourism is a type of tourism undertaken by the low-income groups of people, such tourism involves subsidisation of costs of tourism infrastructures used or involves use of less sophisticated facilities such as yatri niwas, dharmashalas, etc. Railways subsidies certain section of travellers like students, agriculturists on group travel to agriculture centres. Similarly other private and public bodies may also subsidise.

Cultural diversities among nations and within a nation arouse curiosity in people to visit other countries or other parts in their own country. The culture, customs, arts, theatre, festival, ceremonies, music, dance, folklore, etc. vary from place to place. Tourism that is undertaken to know the culture of others is cultural tourism. India being a big country of diverse cultures, cultural tourism is our main stay.

Ethnic tourism refers to tourism practiced by people by visiting the places of their homeland or hometown or visiting friends and relatives. The place visited has some historical connections with tourists. The French visit Pondicherry invariably when they come to India, for Pondicherry was earlier a French colony. It is a case of ethnic tourism. Indians settled abroad visit India for ethnic reasons. And this is a significant market segment.

The emphasis is now on mass tourism. Tourism, apart economic significance has a social dimension. It promotes understanding, and thereby paves way for peace. Hence all must be involved in tourism. It has to be a mass movement. ‘Indians must see India’, is the slogan. Only very few of Indians have seen India. This is not good. Every one of us should see our land, its diversities, its richness etc. Hence the meaning and importance of tourism.
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