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History of South East Asia – BOXER REBELLION Part 2

The Origin of the Boxers Boxers was the name given by foreigners to a Chinese Secret Society called ‘I-ho-Chuan’ means ‘Righteous Harmonious Fists’.  It was an offshoot of the ‘Eight Diagram Society’.  Their programme was the practice of magic arts by which they claimed immunity to bullets.  They used charms, incantations and rituals to invoke […]

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Economic domination of the West The country was partitioned into so many spheres of influence by the Western powers.  In their respective spheres of influence each of the powers opened mines, constructed railways, etc., and started exploiting the region as if were a colony.  This economic domination of the West resulted in the impoverishment of […]

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6. Modern communication system and press The improved means, communication, the extended posts, telegraphs and railways helped the rapid spread of revolutionary ideas throughout the empire.  Added to this was the Chinese vernacular press which now included a number of reformist and revolutionary papers, carrying the new ferment far and wide. 7. Indifference of provincial […]

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American History – Reconstruction – Part 5           

Tenure of office act and the military reconstruction act In December 1866, congress took immediate steps to secure supremacy of congress legislature in the government and reduce the president to a position of figure head. The tenure of office act was passed by which the congress attempted to restrict the president’s power to remove federal […]

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American History – Reconstruction – Part 2

Johnson’s Plan of Reconstruction Johnson retained Lincoln’s cabinet. He carried out Lincoln program who gave his approval to governments in Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana and Virginia. He issued an amnesty proclamation similar to Lincoln’s. His amnesty was not extended to property at $20, 0000 and several groups Lincoln had included. By successive proclamations, he set up […]

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