Multiculturalism – 2

Advantages of multiculturalism

1- education – There have been changes in the syllabus of subjects, like history, to accommodate a more comprehensive and broader version of the past events. This can be seen as giving more exposure to children, wherein they learn about different perspectives on a given topic. Kids are educated about equality, and thus develop an attitude against racism.

2- Professionalism- Employees coming from various cultures can contribute with a wider range of perspectives on an assignment. A mix of cultural experiences helps in problem-solving, and can create a strong team. Having a diverse group of workers always enriches the office environment, improving the work culture.

3- multinational companies – These service industry giants, specifically the FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) manufacturers, have benefited greatly from globalization. A diverse population employed by these companies in different countries helps them capture global markets, increase customer base across nations, and earn profits easily.

4-Skilled migrant labour – Multiethnic countries are home to majority of immigrants, a significant population of it being a highly educated skilled workforce. For example, students coming from Asia to the United States for higher education become part of the country’s workforce. Besides their aptness for the job, a basic requirement, like knowledge of the English language, serves as an additional asset for both, the employer and the employee