Multiculturalism – 3

Disadvantages of Multiculturalism

1 Education – Children from ethnic minorities or immigrant families would take time in getting accustomed to a new environment. This may get reflected in their academic performance, when compared with that of the local children.

2- professional – Although largely it is a benefit, managing a multicultural workforce can be very demanding. Prejudices of employees may work against the people belonging to a minority. Encouraging cooperation among all the coworkers, especially in collaborating as a team, can be a task.

3 – fear of influence – Living in a multicultural society, even a cosmopolitan city for that matter, may inculcate a fear among individuals or minority groups, that they would lose their original ethnic identities or lifestyle. Being influenced by other cultures or foreign belief systems, at times create a protectionist tendency among the citizens.

4-Risk of social conflicts and elements – The possibility of a social conflict occurs due to differences in religious beliefs and practices, ethnic rituals, or certain ways of life that may cause a rift between two or more groups. However, in those countries that have adopted multiculturalism as an integrative policy, it has been noticed that conflicts arose mainly during financial crisis and due to lack of social programs