Nur Jahan

Mehr-un-Nisa was married to Jahangir in 1611 A.D. THE Emperor was so much captivated by her charm that he conferred upon her the title of Nur-i-Mahal, and soon after that, of Nur-i-Sanan(the light of the world). As soon as Nur Jahan became the empress she acquired an extraordinary influence upon the Emperor. Her influence increased day by day and with the passage of time, Jahangir became a mere tool in her hands and she became the paramount power in the state. She virtually began to exercise the powers of sovereignty.

1.HIGH OFFICES TO HER RELAITIVES: In the first instance Nur jahan installed her relations to high offices of the state. Her father, Ghias Beg,who was a mansabdar  of 2,000 Zat and 500 swar was raised was raised to the rank of 7,000 Zal and 7,000 Swar. He was given the title of Itmad-ud-Daula and also raised to the high place and position of prime minister. Her brother, Asaf Kha, was held the mansab of 500 Zat and 100 Swar was promoted to the rank of 6,000 Zat and 6,000 Swar and was also appointed an Finance minister.

2.HER SHARE IN SOVEREIGNTY: Nur jahan got share with the Emperor in exercising power sand prerogatives sovereignty. She got her name struck upon the coins. On all the firemen bearing the royal seal and signature the name ‘Nur jahan’ the Queen Begum was jointly attached. She often appeared in the “Jharokha” along with the emperor and listened to the complaints of her subjects.

3.FULL CONTROL OF ADMINISTRATION: Nur jahan exercised full control over state administration. All high appointments, promotions, transfers, postings and dismissals were done with her consent. She took keen interest in the working of every department of the administration and sent orders to ministers and officers which were sincerely and obediently complied with. The highest nobles and dignitaries of the state presented themselves before her and listened to her dictates. A word from her could make or mar the career of any one of them. Nur jahan decided the question of war and peace.

4.GRANT OF JAGIRS: it was entirely the privilege of Nur jahan to make grants of land to women. She could grant jagirs and also withdraw such grants. In this capacity she helped many poor, orphan and widowed women. In the matter of grant of jagirs to men her influence was decisive. She could easily persuade the emperor to grant or withhold the grant of jagirs of a particular noble and officer.

5.INFLUENCE UPON JAHANGIR: Jahangir was so much under the influence of his queen that he was virtually a tool in her hands.