Malaya Peninsula – 5


Tegku Abdul Rehman proposed in 1971 for the establishment for the federation of Malaysia that will include Malay and Singapore three British protected territories of Sabha in North Borneo, Sarwak and Brunei. The Federation Singapore would retain its free port status and enjoy considerable autonomy. The Borneo States were given larger number of representation than was due and was accorded control over immigration, special religious guarantees and other privileges.

New difficulties pop out when Indonesia and Philippines raised claim over North Borneo. Negotiation started between Malaya, Indonesia and Philippines. It was last decided in 1963, that the Federation of Malaysia would be link up with the plans for a larger Malaya Union of the thy three countries. A commission was appointed by the UN to ascertain the views of the Sabah and the Sarwak. The UN Commission came to the conclusion that the majority of the people of the two territories were in favor of the merger.

After this the Federation of Malaysia was established on September 16, 1963.But the Indonesian and the Philippino government refuse to accept the verdict of the UN Commission and the diplomatic relation between those two countries and Malaysia was served. In the next following years relation between Malaysia and Indonesia deteriorated further and armed clashes occurred between the Indonesia guerillas and the Malaysia troops.