South East Asia Geography – 1

The Land And The People : Philippine island like south of Formosa are mountainous. In these islands there are many extinct and active volcanoes. The largest volcanoes are those of Luzon and Mindanao. The total area of these island is about ¼ of Japan in the western part of these island wet and dry seasons exists but in eastern coast there is always heavy rainfall throughout the year. The island frequently go in the grip of destructive typhoons. Rice and corn are chief grains and coconut and, palm and sugar, manila hemp are main exports. Coal and iron deposits are found in large quantities. The people are mostly Malay but are divided in various tribes. The people Chinese and Japanese, Spanish and American stocks are also settled there. The people are largely east Indians. In the 15th cent Islam began to make its way in these islands and became dominant in the southern part in the mid 16th cent.