South East Asia Geography – 2

Thailand (Siam)

Physical features of thailand : The country had an area of 2 Lakh sq.miles. it is the most rice producing through some parts are hilly and mountainous. The country has broadly 2 seasons dry and wet.

The Population : In 1967 total population was 32 Lakh which consisted of Chinese, Muslim Malays and Vietnamese the main stock of the people is Thai the main occupation of the people is cultivation.

Contact With The Europe : In 1826 Thailand entered into an agreement with Britain and in 1856 with France and USA which enabled Thailand to come into contact with the west.

Western Powers And Thailand : In 19th cent Thailand was under heavy strains. In 1893 she was forced to surrender some terrories. in 1904 she surrendered some more territories to France. In 1907 she again surrendered some parts to France Laos and Cambodia as same happened in 1909. 0