South East Asia Geography – 6


Early History : indo china is divided into five administrative and political regions. The total area is 286,000sq. miles. Most of the population is concentrated in few pockets.

Life Of The People : all the five divisions have their own features and the people in each region have their own way of life.

Production Of Indo-China : rice, rubber, tea and coffee are the main production of the country. The country is known for its rice export.

The Population : 70% of the total population is anamneses with strong Chinese influence. People also follow Buddhism an Taoism Laos has influence of Indian culture and so is the case with Cambodia.

French In Indo-China : a century later French also came as traders in the country. In 18th century foundations of French rule were laid in the country. First treaty b/w French and cochin-china was signed in 1787. Emperor Gialong could establish his authority only with the help of France. France also could make Cambodia as its protectorate. In 1884 Annam was also made a protectorate.

Administration Of Indo-China : France ran administration with full control from Paris. The protectorate officers and the governor general had very little local independence. Not many native institutions were preserved. As First World War broke out, France was having full control over indo-china.