South East Asia Geography – 7


Geography Of Korea : the country has mountainous range. Rice and barley are chief crops. The minerals are not in sufficient quantity. Timber is also found.

Contacts With Europe : Korea came in contact with Europe as early as in 1593. In 1846 china claimed Korea as its subordinate state.

France And Korea : in 1866, a French force was sent to Korea, but that was defeated.

USA And Korea : it was also in 1866 that USA also began to show interest in Korea, but till 1871 no treaty could be negotiated with the Koreans.

Japan And Korea : in 1868 Japan also sent a mission to Korea. Thereafter two more missions were sent but none could conclude treaty. It was only in 1876 that Japan could conclude a treaty with Korea by which three Korean ports were opened for trade with Japan.

China And Korea : for quite some time china believed that Korea was her subordinate state. Though for some time this position was not adhered to yet china’s supremacy over Korea was accepted by all. In 1882 with the approval of china, USA concluded a treaty with Korea.

Subsequent Treaties : Korea concluded treaties with Germany, Britain, Italy and Russia.