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Harshavardhana Administration

Harsha was the head of the all administrative, legislative, judicial and the first commander in the chief of the army. He earned the titles of Maharajadhiraja and Parambhattaraka. He was assisted by a council of ministers, and advised the king on internal and external administration. Avanti was the officer to look after war and peace. […]

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Gupta administration

THE KING                  King occupied the prominent place in the administration. The kingship was hereditary. But in some cases younger sons were nominated. The king possessed legislative, executive and judicial powers.  Even though the king enjoyed great powers, he never behaved like a despot. The king is the law abiding monarch. Law was above the […]

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Vardhana Dynasty

North India after Gupta: North India after Gupta was divided into number of independent states. Some important were Maitrakas of Valabhi, Maukaris of Kannauj, Gurjaras of Rajputana , The Gaudas of Bengal, later Guptas of  Malwa , Magadha and Pushyabhutis of Thaneswar . Vardhana Dynasty: The Pushyabhuti or Vardhana dynasty of Thaneswar played an important […]

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Digital Archiving : How to do archiving

Importance of Folklore Documentation and interpretation of traditional culture is the heart of folklore. It includes recording and analyzing these traditions along with historical and cultural information by using photographs, videos, audio recordings, drawings, and field notes. What counts as folklore collections? The folklore collections are not depended on one area alone. It varies from […]

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