The Pala Dynasty was the ruling Dynasty in Bihar and Bengal India in Ancient India. Pala dynasty was founded by Gopala in 750 AD, who was a chieftain earlier but later became the king of Bengal. He established his dominance and stronghold in Kamarupa..

Dharmapala succeeded Gopala. He ruled for a period of 770-810 AD. The Palas became the most powerful kingdom in the Northern and Eastern India during his reign.
He fought a prolonged war against the Gurjar Pratihara and Rashtrakutas. Despite his humiliating defeat against the Gurajara Pratihara King Nagabhatta II, he managed to salvage the pride of Pala Empire and extended his kingdom to entire Bengal and Bihar.

Dharmapala, a pious Buddhist king founded Vikramshila University, which was a renowned centre of Buddhism studies in India. .  In addition to the depredations of their northern Indian rivals, the Pals also suffered an invasion by the Chola Rajendra I