This is perhaps the most controversial aspect of advertising. It is not much of an ethical issue. It is more of a social issue. Earlier we discussed about the portrayal of woman as stereotypes. Let us discuss about the portrayal of women as glamour props. Scantily clad women might be okay for an ad for a condom. But such a lady featured in ads for tyres, pens or suitcases or shoes and coffee does not make any sense. Like the now banned Tuff shoe ad featured two models (Madhu Sapre and Millind Soman) almost nude. They were wearing only Tuff shoes and had a huge python draped around their bodies.

The ad for MR Coffee showed a couple in an intimate position and the head line read ‘real pleasure does not come in an instant’. This particular coffee is the filter variety and was trying to secure its position against the instant coffees. Another recent ad of Smirnoff showed the map of India. The southern tip was represented as the private parts of a lady. Also a lot of ads show bare male bodies. The VIP Frenchie ad featuring a male model in a bathing robe is considered to be highly obscene by many. Also many ads show men in bathing trunks.