Different people have different opinion about what constitutes good taste. What is good taste to some people is objectionable to others. Different things offend different people. For example some people like the Kamasutra ads and consider these to be sensual. Many others find these ads obscene. Even the ads of Deluxe Nirodh that shows a couple under an umbrella (Pyar hua ekraar hua) are considered to be obscene. Many people object to social ads promoting use of condoms and other contraceptives being shown during prime time on Doordarshan. Also many people object to advertisements of products like sanitary napkins. And the excessive use of sex, nudity and violence is considered to be not in good taste.

Maintaining good taste in advertisements in a country like India is very difficult. Advertisers have to keep in mind the different religious, regional, and linguistic variations as also the different cultural & societal practices.