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Golden age of the Guptas

SOCIO – ECONOMIC SYSTEM  DURING  GUPTA  PERIOD 1.SOCIAL CONDITION        Caste system began to assume more rigidity. The Brahman class occupying   an important position. The division of the society was on the basis of Varna (colour) and different functions in the society. Usually marriage took place in the same caste. In the city separate dwelling quarters […]

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Historical Writing of the West

Montesquieu: Intellectual revolution of the west or in Europe was started by Rene Descartes, Sir Issac Newton and John Locke. Industrial revolution was the cause for 17th and 18th century philosophical achievements and science and technology. It also resulted in the development of concept of cartesianism, anti-cartesianism and enlightenment. It also impacted the historical writing. […]

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