Research Methodology – Exposition:

Research Methodology – Exposition:

Exposition is the writing part of the work. It is based on interpretation, communication and presentation with clarity and elegance with historical perspective.

All the above process focused on scientific approach. But now writing should be an art, it need interpretation.  While writing the thesis a scholar suddenly get inspiration during his bed time, in the bathroom, in kitchen while travel or a chat.

Writing is a good art for a researcher.

Requisites for Exposition: To avoid

A researcher should have faultless language

Exaggeration should be avoided

Careless repetition also to be avoided

The researcher should be care full and avoid colloquial writings

The sentences should not be broken, it should have continuity

Criticisms should be presented with curtsey and not with arrogance

Requisites for Exposition: To avail

The sentence should be short, simple and not decorative

Organise the theme subject-wise, sentence – wise and Paragraphs and chapters

Transition links should be there for all paragraphs and all chapters

Every chapter has to have a beginning, should be readable, balancing and should have an objective.

Final stage of Exposition

A thesis should be drafted and re-drafted. The hypothesis and objectives should be checked often , while writing the work.

The researcher should be careful while drafting the footnotes or end notes

Proper permission and acknowledgement has to be given for the necessary works

Bibliography and citations should be cited with utmost care.