Research Methodology – Hypothesis

Hypothesis means an idea that is formulated as a starting point for discussion. A working hypothesis is intended to bring out the importance of the scope of study, indicate the related studies so far undertaken, lost out the data to be collected, explain the methods of approach and give glimpse in the conclusions that are aimed. In fact it is a blueprint for the construction of a building. In the process of study progress it can be narrowed, enlarged, modified as per needs.

    He prepared on the basis of:

  • Creative thinking, imagination and interest of the scholar.
  • Reference work, discussion, seminars, consultation with experts.

Stages of Hypothesis:

              Hypothesis formation is done in 3 stages,

  1.    Tentative hypothesis – on trial basis
  2.     Working hypothesis – here the ideas are made definite
  3.     A sound hypothesis is an outline solution to a research problem.

Uses of hypothesis:

  • It gives a scholar a definite scope and area of study and the sources.
  • It guides in a proper direction for representation of data.
  • The disadvantage is the conditional thing based on some secondary medieval for this cross checking is necessary.