Research Methodology – Requirements of a Researcher

  1. A researcher has to fulfill certain qualifications for understanding a research.
  2. Intellectual curiosity.
  3. Personal ambition to gain recognition.
  4. To serve a social need.
  5. For a job.

    A researcher should be given freedom to define his or her own research problem. In this process the supervisor can guide and shape the beginners and not to impose against their will. The error and trial, he or she commits should be considered to gain benefit and experience and not as wastage for candidate.

Precautions to be taken

  • To check if the topic a feasible or not for the completion of the project.
  • Controversial and sensitive subjects to be based on scholar to face the difficulty.
  • The subjects should not be over one too should be done with difficulty interpretation.
  • Too narrow or too verge problems it might not give actual idea or a definite solution to research.
  • Should be within the scope of its resources, expertise and training.


           Studies must be undertaken with a region, period, people, institution or idea as the basis. The region is countries, provinces, coastal area and the like. The period can be ancient, modern, and medieval, between world war and year. People can be individual, tribe, family. Institution can be court, legislative and Panchayat.

Area and Source:

              The smaller the area greatest is the difficulty to find relevant materials. Larger the area, greater the scope of research. If the period is ancient, finding materials are different as it is distorted and scattered. Hence the area can be chosen as vast. If it is a modern period sources are plenty, hence shorter period is chosen for study. Choosing topics should also be free from compilations.

Requirements for Thesis:

  • A thesis should have a central and unifying theme – duration for progress and continuity and should field certain conditions.
  • This is important that this investigation needs training and to get himself interests in the selected topic.
  • The sources should be accessible and available to the needed extent.
  • The write up of the article should meet the requirements of size. The page requirement varies for an article, short note.

Working Hypothesis:

                   After the selection of a topic a hypothesis should be framed for proceeding with the project.

  • The supervisors are expected to be expert with ideas. Sometimes are guided by ignorance, arrogance, egoism. The scholars should guard him from the misguidance.
  • It happens when a researcher is half way through the dates are unavailable, a theme that somebody is already working. To avoid all these differences and to defend him a working hypothesis is formulated.