Research Methodology – Selection of Topic for Research

 Historical research aims at making a new contribution to discover the historical truths in the events and developments. This process of research involves selection of proper topics, identify sources, collect data, analyze the data and finally present it to make the contribution.

Selecting Topic or Selection of Problem:

              No enquiry can be done until a problem is there. Problem originated from the Greek word ‘proballein’ means a question that is proposed for solution. There is no ready answer but for finding an answer is the aim for selecting a topic for study. A pilot study is necessary before selection of topic. Researcher should be guided through a course of discussions, seminars, and ideas from articles, books, reviews, biographical sketches, dissertations, books and related source articles. Unless there is a problem before the researcher, he will not be ready for research.

He Can Select A Topic Based on:

  1. It can be based on text books.
  2. Some historical issues less mentioned or not mentioned
  3. It can be based on a concept.
  4. Comparative study from another area.
  5. Inter disciplinary study.
  6. Critical edition of well-known writing.