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Life in Thirteen Colonies

Plantation system in the south: Agriculture was the main occupation of colony people, in south big farmers invested in supply of slaves. Tobacco, indigo, rice are grown and sold to England in return of manufactured goods. New England’s Economy: New England got profit from both land and sea; it had rocky terrain however they grew […]

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American War of Independence

The American war of Independence, arose from growing tensions between residents of 13 American colonies and the colonial government, which represented the British crown. It ultimately led to the formation of United States of America European Powers fighting for colonies – British and French During 1702-1713 France and Britain had a war which decided the fate […]

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American War

British and French During 1702-1713 France and Britain had a war which decided the fate of 13colonies in America Britain acquired Acadia and Hudson Bay and had friendship with redindians The colonist were important on the Austrian war of succession in 1740-1748 they captured the fort of Louisburg French and Indian war The last three […]

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A Life and its Impact – Karl Marx – 1

Marx’s impact can only be compared with that of religious figures like Jesus or Muhammad. For much of the second half of the twentieth century, nearly four of of every ten people on earth lived under governments that considered themselves Marxist and claimed – however implausibly – to use Marxist principles to decide how the […]

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Nation and The problem

What is so important about the existence of nations? Throughout history, humans have formed groups of various kinds around criteria that are used to distinguish ‘us’ from ‘them’. One such group is the nation. Many thousands, indeed millions, have died in wars on behalf of their nation, as they did in World Wars I and […]

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