Inter –war years in Persia : Reza shah

It was a period between end of the First World War and beginning of the Second World War. It also known as between the war.

 Persia was neutral during the time of World War I, but at real it was affected by the allied forces and powers.

In 1930 great depressing brought under development in the field of agriculture.

 During the interwar period most of the Middle Eastern parts are under the dominance of landlords.

Thousands of peasants moved to cities some of them found job in factories and most of the people are jobless they are roaming in the cities.

During the interwar period people are compelled to work in the lands of landlords. Even the peasant’s lands also taken by the landlords they are forced to move their lands.

The Middle Eastern countries moved to cash cropping by selling silk, tobacco, wheat and etc .the agriculture was totally collapsed in Persia.

The Persian government passed number of laws for protecting peasants rights. Because they faced so much of troubles. But landowners only concentrated on their own implementation.

Reza shah ruling that time he believed that the land owners are pillars of the state.

Reza shah announced himself as an emperor of Iran in the year 1926.before Reza shah period 700 modern primary schools were constructed in Persia.

After he became an emperor he constructed more than 2,500 schools, but it was not use full to the people who are living in the rural areas, because the schools are started only city sides.

In early period the Persia was under the control of Russia, the major reason was trading activity between the two countries slowly Russia controlled the power of Persia.

Reza shah wanted to make Persia as a power full country, and he wanted to create centralized government.

He also provide public education for the people and also he built Iran’s first modern university.

 Persia was known as Iran. Reza shah changed the name of Persia into Iran in the year 1935.