Ibn Saudi (Saudi Arabia)

Ibn Saudi was the founder of modern day Saudi Arabia. The first relationship with the British was officially declaSred by Al Saud in 1902. Ibn Saud wanted Saudi Arabia to be the dominant power in the Arabian peninsula. He had a major drawback –during complex situations, he was not able to take decisive actions. In 20th century , he was one of the most important leaders in the Arabian peninsula.

His exact date of birth was not revealed by him. In 1891, he and his younger sister left Riyadh by camel and reached Kuwait. In 1899, he learned about international standards.

In 1904, a battle took place between Turkish people and Saudis in which about 2000 men died consisting of 6 to 8 battalions.

In 1928, Ibn Saudi joined with tribes and revolted against the Saudi Kingdom.

In 1932 he created modern Arabia and became its king.

In 1933, he gave some offers to USA with respect to oil exports.

During his first 10 years of rule, he gave more importance to tribes. Due to his actions, Saudi Arabia got $ 10 billion through oil exports.

He interfered in Korean Crisis in 1950s.

He followed many of Stalin’s policies and was a contemporary of Stalin.

He died in 1953.