1.      SaadZaghloul was the first President of independent Egypt. Cromir was Zaghloul’s friend. In Cromir’s government, Zaghloul was made a cabinet minister. Zaghloul also became the leader of WAFD party.

2.      During WWI, he agitated against Britain, so police arrested him. After the war, some Egypt political leaders asked British commissioner to give Egypt independence to Egypt.

3.      The British government in 1922 gave independence to Egypt with four conditions.

4.      In January 1924, general election was held. Zaghloul won 151/158 seats in the election.

5.      He told that his main objective was nation’s growth. These were three people. King at Abdin, British High commissioner in Qasr al-Doubara and Saad was other person.

6.      He worked  for a new democracy. King and members of the ruling class were corrupt. So, he fought against them saying that democracy has no place for corruption.

7.      He died in 1927 at the age 70 Years.

8.      He maintained good relationship with the King and other party leaders. He introduced the patronage system and supported violence through public demonstration if opposition parties raised their voice against the government.