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The three acts – Screenplay

ACT I IS THE SET-UP One page of screenplay is approximately one minute of screen time. Act I, the beginning, is a unit of dramatic action that is approximately twenty or thirty pages long and is held together with the dramatic context known as the Set- Up. Context is the space that holds something in […]

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Screenplay vs. Novel

If you look at a novel and try to define its fundamental nature, you’ll see that the dramatic action, the story line, usually takes place inside the head of the main character. • We see the story line unfold through the eyes of the character, through his/her point of view. We are privy to the […]

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What is Screenplay

What is a screenplay: The nature of the screenplay is the same as it has always been: A screenplay is a story told with pictures, in dialogue and description, and placed within the context of dramatic structure. It is the art of visual storytelling. Two aspects to deal with when writing a screenplay: When you […]

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