J.C.R Licklider

Known as the Father of the Internet, Licklider was born in 1915 in St. Louis, Missouri. He studied at the Washington University and graduated in Physics, Maths and Psychology.

His main vision was to create computers for decision making. He wanted to build a network of computers to transfer information, also known as ARPANET, later changed to Internet. He lectured at Harvard after which he left the position and went to MIT to become the assistant professor.

He developed a system called SAGE- Semi Automatic Ground Environment System, a program to develop air defense system against nuclear bomb attack under Project Charles in 1954. He thought computers can transcend the limits so he wrote a book called “Libraries Of The Future”.

In 1960, “Man Computer Symbiosis”- his famous paper got published. It was about computer assistance where computers can answer a human’s questions, perform simulation modelling, graphically display results, give solutions for new situations from past experience. His innovative contributions paved way to advance computers and networks. He died in 1990.