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ONLINE THERAPY – Shortfalls in Online Therapy

Virtual support groups might make some conditions worse rather than better. These observers worry that the lack of nonverbal cues diminishes a therapist’s ability to read and ultimately relate to a client. The ethics of some commercial, Internet-based therapists. practical warning is more imperative for those who elect to seek help in the forums. People […]

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ONLINE THERAPY – Communicating Support in Online Therapy

People are attracted to online therapy for a number of reasons. These groups offer people both informational support (e.g., links to useful Web sites, experiences of other participants) and emotional support (e.g., messages of comfort or encouragement). The two most common types of communication occurring in virtual support groups are actually statements of support and […]

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ONLINE THERAPY – Coming to Online Therapy

Despite the potential for self-destructive behavior, many people turn to the Internet for support and guidance in coping with life’s problems. The American Psychological Association (2000) claims that some 60 million people look to the 15,000 available sites to find health-related information on the Internet. Among these sources are sites such as HelpHorizons.com, which allows […]

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