Archives buildings must provide the proper environment facilities for storing records and materials that need permanent protection. The building must have the large storage facility. Safety, comfort of the visiting people, security and also protection from water, fire and other problems or disasters are the important works of the archives. An archives must have working environments that are healthy, durable, secure, safe and accessible. Archival and preservation office space administrative office space, and permanent storage space for the stored archival materials.

  An archives building incorporates a numper of space for the needs of employees and visitors. These spaces are divided into six parts such as,

•           Archival office areas

•           Administrative office

•           Secured access corridor from archive space to archival office areas.

•           Archive material storage.

•           Secured visitors office to see archival materials.

•           Staff sanitary facilities

The important work of the archival building is to preserve all the valuable records and materials and records for the long time. All the archival buildings must have the full height standard shelving. Standard shelving have the high density of 150 psf. But for the future requires we install the compact shelving which have the high density of 300 psf. The building must have the facility to expand the building for future needs.

To give preference to ventilation, localized temperature, and also the air movement. It is the fact that all the workers performance are increased when the environment of the office was good. Also consider the safety of the workers while access the material and storage method used.

Technology has become one of the important tool for organisational operations and security. So the building must have the infrastructure to access technology in all its spaces. Wireless technologies are very useful in archival buildings.

With the critical analysis of the natural and man-made disaster of the past decade have focussed attention on protection of occupants and building contents. All the buildings are must have the good fire protection system. Also provide some backup system for the needs during any accidents.

The organisation should adopt all the upcoming technologies for the development of the archival management. Today archaeologist find a difference types of conservation techniques these techniques are very useful to preserve the very old materials or documents so the building must have to adopt all the new technologies. For the purpose of education and research the building must have the separate space and also in this archives provides the electronic information resources, hardware tools, and associated productive software.

Because of the advent of complex building technologies and controls it is important that the high performed buildings of all kinds must commissioned.