Electronic ticket or e-ticket

An e-ticket is the electronic version of the conventional paper ticket. It is an electronic record 

benefits of an e-ticket

No worries about your ticket being lost or stolen as the e ticket is stored in the airlines database. You can use the “Manage My Booking” and take a print of the itinerary receipt, if you have lost your original itinerary receipt.

The itinerary receipt is not a value document, whereas the paper ticket is. A paper ticket is subject to theft and loss, but the Itinerary Receipt is not and it does not matter if it is lost or valid 

photo identification required to be carried with an e ticket

Valid photo identification can be any of the following:
  • Passport – mandatory for all international travel
  • National Id’s for domestic travel – Driving license, Election photo identity card, Income tax PAN card, any official Government issued photo ID card

What is an E-Ticket / Online Flight Ticket?

It is a travel document purchased on websites, mobile applications. There is no need to print tickets thanks to e-tickets. In other words, e-ticket or online flight tickets have replaced the print ones.

Passengers and airline companies make a contract through e-tickets. Passengers’ ticket details are secured in the company’s database through encryptions such as PNR. Passengers might purchase their flight tickets online and pass security checkpoints only with their passports during boarding.

How to buy an Online Flight Ticket?

Buying an online flight ticket is quite easy. E-tickets can be purchased on flypgs.com or Pegasus Airline Mobile Application. The only thing you need is to fill the relevant sections and select the suitable flight listed on the page and complete your purchase by paying with a debit or a credit card. While purchasing an online flight ticket, details regarding the dates, destination and arrival points and the number of people to travel are required along with the personal details. All passengers are expected to enter their details completely and accurately. At the end of the process, passengers can reach their affordable flight tickets. By doing so, passengers do not have to purchase their flight tickets from agents or offices.

How to Book a Flight Ticket Online?

Mobile applications or websites allow booking flight tickets online. Passengers can book their tickets for a certain time without paying anything after entering the required information to the relevant sections.

At this point, passengers are provided with a PNR code and they are expected to keep the code to be able to continue with the process in the following days.

How to Obtain the Ticket Purchased Online?

Tickets purchased online, can be used by printing the digital files sent via email. Passengers could also visit the official and intermediary agents of Pegasus Airlines.

How to Print an Online Flight Ticket?

After purchasing your ticket online, download the file and print your ticket. Passengers can find their e-ticket files in the email sent to them. For domestic flights, passengers do not have to show their e-tickets at the security checkpoints. However, it is advised to carry a print copy of the ticket for international flights.