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American History – Harry S Truman – 3

American History – Harry S Truman – 3   The Truman doctrine The 1st important step in the direction of combating communist danger was taken by President Truman in March 1947, to check the ever increasing intervention by the communists in Greece The Greeks had been liberated from the Germans in 1944 by the British […]

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American History – Harry S Truman – 2

conomic Transformation During the war time the labour was pad very high wages and was also able to earn a good amount of overtime allowance After the end of the war through the industrialists did not reduce the wages of labour, they cut short their overtime It resulted in large no.of strikes The hardships of […]

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American History – Harry S Truman – 1

Introduction Harry S Truman succeeded Roosevelt in April 1945 as president He rose to the challenge of the task and by sheer hard work courage and breezy individualism earned a worldwide reputation    Fair deal Soon after japan surrender – fair deal was submitted by Truman to the congress It was a domestic programme which […]

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