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Art through Ages – Art style

Defining artistic style is one of the key elements of art historical inquiry, although the analysis of artworks solely in terms of style no longer dominates the field the way it once did. Art historians speak of several different kinds of artistic styles. Period style refers to the characteristic artistic manner of a specific time, usually […]

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Growth of Art and Architecture under Vijayanagar

Growth of Art and Architecture under Vijayanagar Growth of Art      During the administration of Vijayanagar rulers, they concentrated more on the development of art and architecture.  They constructed a number of palaces, temples and Mandapams throughout their empire.  They beautified them with various types of attractive sculptures.  The development of art of that period […]

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Legacy of Vijayanagar

Legacy of Vijayanagar Education and Literature Vijayanagar rulers showed less interest for the growth of education.  Even then education flourished at various centres.  In the absence of the definite system, people depended on local scholars to get their education.  Generally the development of education in this kingdom was based on castes and industrial growth.  Scholars […]

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