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The Kotas of The Nilgiris – Part – I

The Kotas of The Nilgiris – Part – I According to Dr. Oppert “it seems probable that the Todas and Kotas lived near each other before the settlement of the latter on the The Nilgiris. Their dialects betray a great resemblance. According to a tradition of theirs (the Kotas), they lived formerly on Kollimallai, a […]

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Kadaiyan The name, Kadaiyan, meaning last or lowest, occurs as a sub-division of the Pallans. The Kadaiyans are described of as being lime (shell) gatherers and burners of Ramesvaram and the neighborhood, from whose ranks the Paravas are in part recruited at the present day. On the coasts of Madura and Tinnevelly they are mainly […]

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Balijas the Cultivators

Balijas though generally known as trading castes were also known to be cultivators. In their customs there was very little difference between the Kapus and Balijas. The general name or title among the Balijas was Naidu. The name Balija was said to be derived from the Sanskrit Bali (sacrifice) and ja (born) signifying that the […]

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The Acchuvaru

Acchuvaru are Recorded, in the Madras Census Report, as ” Oriya-speaking carriers of grain, etc., on pack bullocks. Treated as a sub-division of Gaudo.” The Acchuvarus are not Oriya people, but are attached to the Devanga weavers, and receive their name from the fact that they do acchupani, i.e., thread the long comb-like structures of […]

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Savaras of Ganjam and Vizagapatam

The language of the Savaras of Ganjam and Vizagapatam. One of the Munda languages. Concerning the Munda linguistic family, Mr. Grierson writes as follows. “The denomination Munda (adopted by Max Miiller) was not long allowed to stand unchallenged. Sir George Campbell in 1866 proposed to call the family Kolarian. He was of opinion that Kol […]

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