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Historical Writing of the West – Montesquieu

Montesquieu: Intellectual revolution of the west or in Europe was started by Rene Descartes, Sir Issac Newton and John Locke. Industrial revolution was the cause for 17th and 18th century philosophical achievements and science and technology. It also resulted in the development of concept of cartesianism, anti-cartesianism and enlightenment. It also impacted the historical writing. […]

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Internal Criticism

Internal Criticism               Internal criticism is applied to check the credibility of the document whether the contents given in it are believable or not. It is because; many writers will not have adequate knowledge of the given situation. Some will write on the situation, with motivation or prejudice. Sometime they will not reveal the truth […]

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External Criticism

Textual Criticism          To check if it is the original. It can be checked with the authors, language, ideas, versions, and style of writing, passages, additions and omissions. Verification of the Authorised           Handwriting, style and the method of presentation. Identification of Dates         Identification of date and place such as where it was written, […]

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Historiography Facts

Gibbon                  Gibbon was born in Putney in England. He had his higher education in Oxford. He studied Latin, Greek and French. His work falls into two parts –  The first part was in four volumes covering Roman History for 460 years from 2nd century AD. The second part was in two volumes covering 800 […]

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