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American War of Independence

The American war of Independence, arose from growing tensions between residents of 13 American colonies and the colonial government, which represented the British crown. It ultimately led to the formation of United States of America European Powers fighting for colonies – British and French During 1702-1713 France and Britain had a war which decided the fate […]

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A Life and its Impact – Karl Marx – 1

Marx’s impact can only be compared with that of religious figures like Jesus or Muhammad. For much of the second half of the twentieth century, nearly four of of every ten people on earth lived under governments that considered themselves Marxist and claimed – however implausibly – to use Marxist principles to decide how the […]

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Research Methodology – Exposition:

Research Methodology – Exposition: Exposition is the writing part of the work. It is based on interpretation, communication and presentation with clarity and elegance with historical perspective. All the above process focused on scientific approach. But now writing should be an art, it need interpretation.  While writing the thesis a scholar suddenly get inspiration during […]

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Advertising directed at children is another problem area. Children are a very important part of most markets. Children spend a lot of money on their own doing their own shopping. Children also initiate and influence purchase decisions of many products to a great extent. This is the reason why children are targeted not only in […]

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Travel Agency Role and Importance

Role of a Travel Agency (a) Inbound Tourism Most of the travel companies are in private sectors and their main objectives is to earn profit; in spite of this they play a key role in the promotion and development of international tourism. In India about 50 percent the established travel companies handle foreign tourists and […]

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Exploration and Exploitation in India – Advent of Europeans -2

CARNATIC WARS   First carnatic war(1746-1748): The cause of the carnatic wars is the question of succession to the Austrian throne.  French was defeated.  Treaty of Ai la Chapelle signed. Second carnatic war(1749-1756): The main cause of the second carnatic war is the question succession to the throne of Hyderabad. Treaty of Pondicherry signed. Third […]

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