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Akbar – Central administration – 2

Akbar – Central administration – 2 The Central Ministers: In order to advise and assist the emperor in administrative work there was a body of ministers. There was no definite tenure of their office and no definite rule of promotion. They were all appointed by the King and could be dismissed by him at any […]

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International relations – variables

Idiosyncratic     Variables:     These variables are concerned with the personal characteristics of decision makers: cautiousness versus rashness, anger versus prudence, pride versus expediency, superiority versus inferiority, creativeness versus destructiveness, paranoia versus overconfidence, and so on .Undeniably, the psychological  characteristics of leaders and other makers and implementers of policy have a certain bearing on policy […]

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The Emergence of third World Countries

The emergence of the Third World The independence movement led to the emergence of a series of countries that did not belong to the Western bloc or the Soviet bloc. These countries had various features in common, including underdevelopment and rapid demographic growth, and they became known collectively as the ‘Third World’, an expression coined […]

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