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American History – Reconstruction – Part 2

Johnson’s Plan of Reconstruction Johnson retained Lincoln’s cabinet. He carried out Lincoln program who gave his approval to governments in Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana and Virginia. He issued an amnesty proclamation similar to Lincoln’s. His amnesty was not extended to property at $20, 0000 and several groups Lincoln had included. By successive proclamations, he set up […]

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American History – Life in Thirteen Colonies

THE PLANTATION SYSTEM IN THE SOUTH   Their main occupation of all people in colonies is farming. In south, big farmers invested in the supply of slaves. They produced tobacco, indigo or rice   crops which they sold to England and to continental countries. In return for this they get back finer manufactured goods, silverware, linen, and […]

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American History – Colonization of the New World

Europeans colonized the New World out of selfish motives. The migration to the New World was led by break-up of the feudal system by the Commercial Revolution, the Reformation and the Renaissance. European explorers were looking for a shorter route to India when they discovered the New World. Spaniards discovered Mexico and Peru and looted […]

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