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Cause and result of American war Part 2

Quarterins Act This law required colonies to furnish barracks and certain foods for the troops stationed there to defend them New York was especially hard hit by the new law because a large no.of troops was assigned there Loyalty of the great majority The large majority of Americans were still deeply loyal to the government […]

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Cause and result of American war Part 1

The British defeat the French •The British and France where the major powers of Europe •The war between them ultimately resulted in the victory of England over France after 12 years of fighting (1702-1713) •That victory decided the fate of the 13 colonies in America •England acquired Acadia and Hudson bay territory •They build forts […]

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American War of Independence

The first continental congress-1774 Rights and grievances were sent to the king urging for the repeal of the intolerable act. The congress urged the colonists to organize local militia and start military training. The delegates agreed to meet in 1775. The second continental congress meeting was to serve as the first union of all colonies. […]

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