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POLITICAL BACKGROUND The Indo Greek invasion began in about 200 BC. Because India did not a witness a large empire like that of Mauryans. This led to intimate and widespread contacts between central Asia and India. Mauryas were succeeded by several native rulers such as SHUNGAS, the KANVAS, and the SATAVAHANAS In north-western India many […]

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BABUR Mughal Dynasty in India

BABUR (1483–1530), founding emperor of the Mughal dynasty in India. A Chaghtai Turk, Zahir-ud- Din Muhammad, known as Babur (“the Tiger”), was a fearless soldier, adventurer, poet, and diarist. His Tuzu-i- Babri (Memoirs of Babur), written in Turki, the diary he kept throughout his life, is one of the great works of historical literature. Babur’s […]

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