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Ancient India

Rigveda: It is the oldest religious text in the world. Also called as the first testament of mankind. It was composed during 1700 B. C. It is a collection of hymns by a number of priestly families, recited at the time of sacrificial rites. It contains 1017 hymns and is divided into 10 mandalas. The […]

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Asoka – Kalinga war- policy of dharma

Asoka The name Asoka means Sorrow free. Period of Asoka brightest the chapter in the history of mankind. His inscription reveals his activities, after serving as Viceroy Asoka success Bindusara to the Mauryans throne.   Name in the Inscriptions The name Asoka is written only once in Maski Edict . The names like Asokaravadhana and […]

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