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Western Exploration and Exploitation of Indo China (Vietnam) – 4

RESISTANCE TO THE FRENCH:-      Resistance to the French in Vietnam began in the 1860s and continued sporadically until the 1930s, remerging during World War II and reaching a climax in September 1945 when the Vietnamese Communist leader Ho Chi Minh (l890-1969) declared Vietnam’s independence. There was much less resistance to France in Cambodia and Laos. […]

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Western Exploration and Exploitation of Indo China (Vietnam) – 2

FRENCH EXPLOITATION OF INDO CHINA:- France was one of the greatest powers in the world. Along with its European rivals, it acquired a huge empire that comprised territories from the Africa to Asia. In the region of Southeast Asia, France became a major player in its politics during the 19th century. In competition with Great Britain, it exerted a lot of […]

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Western Exploration and Exploitation of Indo China (Vietnam) – 1

INTRODUCTION:- Vietnam is the odd man out amongst the states of mainland South-East Asia, unlike its neighbours to the war, Vietnam followed the China’s cultural influence.  Vietnam was also remarkable in being the only country in South-East Asia (apart from the Philippines) to have acquired a sizeable Christian community amounts her population.  Conquest, rebellion and […]

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