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Greek Historian Thucydides

He was a noted historian of ancient Greece. He wrote “History of Peloponnesian War”. He was born in about 460 BC in an Athenian family. He was a General of Athenian army. He was exiled for 20 years as he failed to save Athenian city from the Spartan attack. In this time he travelled wide […]

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  He was born at Halicarnassus, a Dorian settlement in Asia Minor in 480 BC. He studied the epics of Homer and wrote prose like Hecataeus. His curiosity led to travel to Thrace, Scythia, Egypt, and Babylon. He learned the political conditions of several areas. He lived in the court of Periclis for nearly 4 […]

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ANCIENT GREECE:       Ancient Greece could not produce history due to politics and conflicts. Greece was a meeting place of people and civilizations. The development go shape in the surrounding regions of Asia, Europe and Africa. Their own civilization and contacts with other cultures furnished historical material of varieties. The changes which occurred due to […]

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