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INTRODUCTION: U.S Policy towards Middle East has been framed by a certain strategic  conception of world order that is widely shared, though there are tactical disagreements, sometimes sharp ones, even we can see this during the debate in the United states over the Gulf Crisis. There are also important changes in the world, to which […]

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Birth of Israel

In 71 A.D, a number of Jews were driven out from Palestine which was then their homeland by the Romans and over the next 1700 years there were hardly a few Jews came back in the area to make the Arabs feel threatened. In the 7th century, Arabs had a vast empire which stretched from […]

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Arab- Israeli Conflict

The conflict between Arabs and the Zionist (now Israeli) is a struggle between the Jewish state of Israel and the Arabs of the Middle East concerning the area known as the Palestine. Middle East has not known peace for many years, this conflict have also seen many lives wasted as each camp argues its rights […]

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