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Pakistan after Independence -3

REFUEGEE MOVEMENTS: In the years immediately before partition, there was widespread violence between the Muslim and non-Muslim communities across India. Although congress and the Muslim League called for calm, the summer of 1947 saw rioting which led to numerous deaths. When the boundary of the two nations was demarcated and announced in August 1947, things […]

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Pakistan after Independence -2

SOCIAL PROMLEMS: Pakistan was mainly made up of five different groups: The Pakhtuns in the north the Balochs in the west the Sindhis in the south the Punjabis in the north-east the Bengalis in the east These people had different traditions, cultures, languages, and lifestyles. The British system of government had given these diverse people […]

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Pakistan after Independence -1

  Introduction: On 14 august 1947, Pakistan became an independent country. But it faced many problems. Not only did it have to find a way to set up a new government in a country with limited resources, but it had to do so in the face of some of the most serious communal violence ever […]

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