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There exists a major problem in giving a precise definition for trade unionism as it has many facets with society, economic condition, political and psychological aspects. Even though such attempts provide partial view of unionism as an institution, their usefulness cannot be denied from the view point of analysis of union activity and assessment of […]

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Karl Marx, founder of scientific socialism, industrial revolution and democratic movements stimulated the study of social and economic history. In 1848, Engels and Marx issued the communist manifesto. In 1867, he published his first volume of his great work of political economy, ‘Das Kapital’. In this work, he explained the doctrines of socialism. The fundamental […]

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In Germany romantic idealism was popular. In England and France before it was enlightenment, romantic idealism was against enlightenment. Rousseau, the French philosopher was the founder of Romantic idealism. Its idea was to give freedom to individuals, innocence of primitive man. Rousseau believed that tyranny and wickedness were associated with advanced in civilizations. Rousseau’s slogan […]

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