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Deccan Policy of Aurangzeb

Shivaji’s first struggle with the Mughals was 1656 AD. Then it started when Shivaji attacked Ahmednagar and Junnar Fort. Aurangzeb in 1660 AD In the south of Mughal subedar Shaista Khan sent to invade Shivaji. Shaista Khan took over the forts of Poona, Shivpura and Chakan. 1663 AD In Shivaji, secretly attacked the castle of Shaista Khan at Poona […]

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Religious Policy of Aurangzeb

Aurangzeb was a staunch conservative Sunni Muslim, he considered the importance of Islam as the basis of his rule to the Qur’an (Shariat). 1559 AD In Aurangzeb, many Ordinances have been circulated for the reorganization of the rules of Islamic conduct according to the laws of the Quran. Aurangzeb’s main goal was to make this country (India) as Dar-ul-Herb (the land […]

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