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The Parliament – Parliamentary privileges -11

PARLIAMENTARY PRIVILEGES Meaning Parliamentary privileges are special rights, immunities and exemptions enjoyed by the two Houses of Parliament, their committees and their members. They are necessary in order to secure the independence and effectiveness of their actions. Without these privileges, the Houses can neither maintain their authority, dignity and honour nor can protect their members […]

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The Parliament – Multifunctional Role of Parliament -8

MULTIFUNCTIONAL ROLE OF PARLIAMENT In the ‘Indian politico-administrative system’, the Parliament occupies a central position and has a multifunctional role. It enjoys extensive powers and performs a variety of functions towards the fulfilment of its constitutionally expected role. Its powers and functions can be classified under the following heads: Legislative Powers and Functions Executive Powers […]

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The Parliament – Budget in Parliament -7

  BUDGET IN PARLIAMENT The Constitution refers to the budget as the ‘annual financial statement’. In other words, the term ‘budget’ has nowhere been used in the Constitution. It is the popular name for the ‘annual financial statement’ that has been dealt with in Article 112 of the Constitution. The budget is a statement of […]

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The Parliament – Devices of Parliamentary Proceedings -4

DEVICES OF PARLIAMENTARY PROCEEDINGS Question Hour The first hour of every parliamentary sitting is slotted for this. During this time, the members ask questions and the ministers usually give answers. The questions are of three kinds, namely, starred, unstarred and short notice. A starred question (distinguished by an asterisk) requires an oral answer and hence […]

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