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The Chalukyas of Badami or Vatapi or estern Chalukyas laid foundation for the Chalukyas dynasty. The other branches of Chalukyas were eastern Chalukyas with the capital Vengi or Pishtapura, Chalukyas of Vemula Vada or later Western Chalukyas of Kalyani. Chalukyas of Badami The Chalukyas of Badami ruled over Dakshina (The territory between mount vindhya and […]

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Art and Architecture in India – 2

South Indian temple architecture, also called Drāviḍa Style, architecture invariably employed for Hindu temples in modern Tamil Nadu from the 7th to the 18th century, characterized by its pyramidal, or kūṭina-type, tower. Variant forms are found in Karnataka (formerly Mysore) and Andhra Pradesh states. The South Indian temple consists essentially of a square-chambered sanctuary topped by a superstructure, tower, or spire and an attached pillared porch or hall […]

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