Foreign policy of the United States – Eisenhower

President Eisenhower gave an indication of his foreign policy

During the inaugural and accepted to follow the methods of Roosevelt and Truman and he also accepted that these policies are made to remove the cause of mutual fear and distrust among countries he also promised trade programs with other countries. The two factors which contributed to this development was the death of Stalin (communist party soviet union) and john foster Dulles (Secretary of state) pleaded for more dynamism in American policy.


Korean issues was the first thing in which the president focused on after various negotiations an agreement was made on 1953 where two parties decided to exchange their prisoners of war and where Korea was divided to north and south . The exchange would be supervised by 5 neutral countries.

During the indo-china war France was at the verge of loosing they were surrounded in Dien Bien Phu . This was the time when the secretary of the state flavoured US intervention to the war due to fear of losing. Since Eisenhower was not oops alone did not accept the ready to send the American troops he denied the intervention which led to the defeat of French and led to the divison of indo-china and the result was Laos Cambodia and Vietnam. Vietnam was two be divide at the 17th parallel until elections and as these elections never too place Vietnam was divide into north and south both dint have stable regime where south assisted by Americans and north by Russia and china .


It with the view of checking for the expansion of communist through the country a military alliance was formed by US called the N.A.T.O it consisted of the British France Pakistan and USA they were known as the SEATO the agreed to the mutual cooperation

The next problem was the Formosa in the far east the Chinese communists troops entered into it and attacked Chiangs refuge which was an anti-communist strength in east this led to Eisenhower to preventing the protection of nationalists but later they decided that will lead to lose Formosa and so the president gave power to attack back the Chinese communities if necessary this was the reason for united nations to block the entry of Red china.


  1. Europe and Middle East

In Europe also UN decided to strengthen their defense alliances. In 1954 German accepted the Paris treaty and also admitted NATO and Russia accepted for the treaty, Eisenhower plan for general disarmament which was not accepted by Russia due to their suspicion but due to the revolt of Hungarians against their communist dominated government the Russia send troops and asked the help of the Americans but as this request was denied by America the idea of Eisenhower was failed another reason was that the nationalization of Suez canal took place where British and French attacked Egypt so in this crisis the US found itself difficult to support as it was in an odd situation of joining the soviet union so this stand of us made the rest two countries to withdrew from the war which greatly rocked the western alliance . To check the Russian influence Eisenhower sought authority from the congress to send the troops to help for the aggression from any nation for the middle east countries and decided to fund a lot to those countries. In 1957 he use the “Eisenhower doctrine” of 1957 when the American troops were send to Jordan and American marines was send to deal the revolution in Lebanon . The protest by soviet union and charges of aggression on UN let to the withdraw of American forces .

  1. Relations with Russia

After the change of ruler in Russia there was a strong belief that the relationship between America and Russia to become cordial but it was something incapable of realization. These two countries madly fought for power they did this by fighting for weapons and Russia for the rage of power it stole the march over united states and launched the first earth satellite in the orbit and soon America launched its first year within one year in few years they started to launch a lot of satellites and soon a commission was set up to check the power race between these 2 countries but still no change was able to made due to east –west differences regarding selection and inspection of nuclear weapons .but by the agreement of 1958soviet Russia agreed to increase culture trade and education with the norms of America . A meeting was held in 1960 in Paris for peace but it was clouded by the u-2 incident in which an American pilot was shot down on vigilance, Eisenhower accepted the responsibility but did not apologize so their contract with Russia was canceled as they lost trust in Eisenhower.

  1. Policy with regard to Latin America

After World War 2, United Nations virtually neglected Latin America and had very few assistants to rule it but it also sent troops to overthrow the Guatemalan government sympathetic to communism. In 1959 Fidel Castro a young student leader organized a revolution against the Batista regime at first USA was supporting Castro but soon they stopped it as he alienated American opinion and soon started to slaughter people and refuse to call popular elections in return USA cancelled the sugar supply to Cuba. Consequently Castro agreed with trade communications with Russia and communists this gave threat to America so to stop that they declared that under the Monroe Doctrine the USA would attempt any international communism to dominate any regime. So in 1960 it send forces to Guatemala which was under the threat of Castro-type revolutionaries USA also broke its diplomatic relations with Cuba.

As a result of American inaction in the face of upheavals in east Germany in 1953 and in Hungary and Poland the promise of liberating people under communist control was not implemented